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Kapan kita menggunakan past future tense? Past future tense digunakan untuk mengutarakan pendapat tentang peristiwa yang akan terjadi di masa depan, tapi menggunakan sudut pandang di masa lalu.

Cara Menggunakan Past Future Tense

Ada beberapa cara untuk menggunakan past future tense:

1. Was/were going to

Perhatikan ilustrasi di bawah ini:

past future tense dengan was going to

Dari kalimat di atas, kita bisa menyimpulkan bahwa sebelumnya kita berpikir bahwa kita akan terlambat masuk kerja, tapi nyatanya tidak.

“Was going to” di kalimat tersebut digunakan untuk prediksi yang sebelumnya kita buat dari sudut pandang di masa lalu.

Contoh past future tense dengan “was/were going to”:

  • I was going to start a new book today, but I didn’t have time.
  • Mike was going to have a party, but nobody could come.
  • They were going to go home, but they went dancing instead.
  • Delia was going to buy a new dress, but she couldn’t find one.
  • We were going to buy a new dog, but we decided to wait.
  • Sorry, I interrupted. Were you going to say something?

Tahukah kamu?

2. Would

Perhatikan ilustrasi di bawah ini:


past future tense dengan would

“Would” adalah bentuk kedua dari “will” yang digunakan untuk menyatakan prediksi yang dibuat di masa lalu.

Contoh past future tense dengan “would”:

  • I always knew she would be successful.
  • I was told that my car would be fixed by now.
  • Did you ever think you would become a doctor?
  • I don’t know where Hilda is. I thought she would be here by 8 p.m.

3. Past Continuous

Perhatikan ilustrasi kalimat past future tense di bawah ini:

Past continuous di kalimat di atas digunakan untuk kejadian di masa lalu yang sudah dijadwalkan sebelumnya dan disampaikan menggunakan sudut pandang saat ini.

Contoh past future tense dengan past continuous:

  • They were planning to go to the beach tomorrow, but the weather’s terrible.
  • Johan had been cleaning all day. His sister was arriving that evening.
  • Hugo had to go to bed early because he was flying early the following morning.

Soal will vs going to


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